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Blasé DeBris - Westwood Rebels

Recommended by Duane.

So, This weeks recommendation is none other than "us"... Blasé (say it with me) DeBris! Here's a new rehearsal style video bit for your entertainment. It was recorded right here at my house, "live from the basement" October 2020.

This year has certainly had it's share of challenges, but we have carried on, and carried out a plan to continue working on new tunes while the live shows have been put on hold. I personally love rehearsing, I love hanging out, I love listening to this band come together. We share a few laughs, a few drinks, ideas, beats, personal interests and creative collaborations. It's fun, it's rewarding, it's worth recording, it's worth sharing.

For the majority of you, this will be your 1st glimpse of our latest lineup featuring Tim Wozniuk on drums, and Joe Dufresne on guitar. Tim and Joe set up the cameras. Tim hooked up the mics, and did the audio mix and video edits. Well Done Cha Cha Cha.... What you see here is the end result.

This latest tune entitled "Westwood Rebels" is an ode to fashionista, artist, and activist Vivienne Westwood.

Our aim is to start recording tracks for a new album in early 2021. Until then...

Dig This!

Blasé DeBris - Westwood Rebels (Official Video)

The Inspiration


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