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Formed in 2002, the boys of Blasé DeBris set out to close the gap between Classic Metal and Punk Rock.


A fistful of albums and a few lineup changes later, the band has struck a sound all their own. Bewitching beats and melodic guitars melt into sonic simplicity while the saxophone and vocals provide just the right amount of ear candy to be compelling.


Poetry and punk, metal and melody. Easier said than done. But this is where we come from. This is what we do. Blasé DeBris have toured throughout the United States, performed on Warped tour, the SXSW Music Fest, the Great NY State Fair and many other righteous locations.

Stay tuned, the Best is yet to come.

Blasé DeBris is:

Duane Beer: guitar and vocals

Charlie Monroe: bass

Justin Birk: sax

Tim Wozniuk: drums

Joe Dufresne: lead guitar


Former members:

Patrick "Ginsu" Ginnelly: lead guitar

Bill Ketzer: drums

JJ Hogan: drums

Billy Beer: bass

Karl Von Heilman III: lead guitar

Tony "Sewers" Fisher: drums

Earl Steenburg: guitar

Jaime Lubbers: bass

Rob Marcello III: lead guitar


Honorary member:

Greg Nash: drums

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