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Recommended by Justin

Boozy, raunchy, smart, witty with a healthy dose of social commentary. That's Brockmire in a nutshell. The story follows a baseball announcer who enjoys his time at rock bottom despite his crumbling career and relationships. Jim Brockmire has a very public meltdown and loses his job in the majors. He spirals into a haze of whiskey, pills and risky sexual encounters.

Hank Azaria of Simpsons fame plays the title character in his best live action performance yet. He has the perfect baseball voice with a gift for gab. Amanda Peet plays his sometimes love interest. Every episode is full of belly laughs. It's easy to root for this very flawed guy despite how he ruins every relationship in his life.

Watch four seasons of Brockmire on IFC or Hulu. This one's not for the kids!

Here's a couple samples of Brockmire's NSFW wit:

"Just because I don't want to wear a condom anymore does not make me your boyfriend."

"You can cook meth for a hobby or you can siphon gasoline, but you cannot do both."

"Knowledge and assumptions, those are like Loggins and Messina. They seem similar, but time proves one of them to be completely worthless."

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