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Pineapple Hard Ciders

Recommended by Joe.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love hard cider. Many canceled vacation plans (mine included) due to the unavoidable health pandemic have certainly dulled the warm summer months ahead. In addition I have been working from home the entire time (luckily) but without respite. Given this reality check I often dream of a tropical beach that has me firmly planted in a lounge chair with a cold drink in hand. Since my budget prevents me from visiting Hawaii I figured what better way to make the most of the current situation then to share some tropically tinged ciders with my friends.

First on my list is Wyder's Prickly Pineapple. Crafted in Vermont with Vermont apples this ranks up there with some of my favorite Woodchuck ciders. It is conveniently available from the Vermont Cider Company cidery, the home of Woodchuck cider. This cider is the only one of the three ciders shown here that is a regularly available flavor. To anyone in the Capital District of NY I highly recommend taking a weekend road trip to Vermont to visit the cidery in person. Many flavors are available on tap (for growlers if so desired), canned, and bottled, that cannot be found around your local supermarkets. Did I mention it's only about 90 miles away? To be safe check the website or call ahead because I'm not 100% sure what the travel or social gathering restrictions are in Vermont. I can barely keep up with my home state. Perhaps they can help you locate a nearby retailer.

A sweet light amber cider with a tart finish that is not shy with the pineapple flavor. One of my favorites.

Second on my list is McKenzie's Pineapple Hard Cider. If you like McKenzie's other flavors and you like pineapple you are sure to love this.

A sweet cider with a wonderful pineapple finish that is unique among the three ciders listed here. This is not officially listed on the McKenzie's website so I can only imagine it is a "summer thing" or potentially a one-off batch.

Third on my list is Downeast's Unfiltered Aloha Friday. Unfiltered ciders are closer to raw pressed cider pulp and typically have a stronger flavor.

This is a semi-sweet cider, medium body, with a wonderful pineapple side that does not overpower the actual cider flavor. This cider is listed on the Downeast website as a one-time creation so grab it while you can.

Real hard cider here, not sugar water (I won't mention brands ... just read the ingredients). I sincerely hope you get to enjoy at least one of these this summer if not all three.

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