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Recommended by Duane.

May is a 2002 psychological horror film by Lucky McKee. It stars Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto and Anna Faris.

One of my all time favorite movies. It is Sweet and Sad and Unsettling. Voyeuristic and Funny. Awkward and Unnerving and even more Unnerving. The cast is beyond believable. The camera work and storytelling are stellar. "Carrie" meets "Frankenstein" ???? Kinda...

I "once" described Blasé DeBris as punk rock for those that don't necessarily like punk rock. That's probably not very accurate but it made sense at the time....... Well, May, very well may be "thee".... Be All, End All, Horror flick for those who don't necessarily like horror flicks...

Roger Ebert granted the film four stars out of four, and called it "a horror film and something more and deeper, something disturbing and oddly moving" and characterized the denouement as "a final shot that would get laughs in another kind of film, but May earns the right to it, and it works, and we understand it".

Give it a look see... You can thank me later.

Spoiler Alert - The Wikipedia link below will reveal plot details!


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