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Night Of The Comet

Recommended by Joe.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love horror movies. What could be better than a mildly scary 80's zombie romp, complete with synth-heavy soundtrack, sprinkled with little bits of comedy and sci-fi seriousness? Nothing! I present for your viewing pleasure Night Of The Comet.

Regina and Samantha are not your average "Valley Girls". Presumably raised by their military Dad they are more than capable of protecting themselves in a world where most of the population has disappeared overnight. The new world contains few survivors with only various levels of degraded zombies lurking / looking for their next meal.

The movie carries a PG-13 rating, with sparse and lightly bloody special effects as well as the occasional swear word or two. Given this I believe it is suitable for watching with your younger teenage children and possibly pre-teen children ten or older.

Overall a very worthy 1 hour and 35 minutes of film. I honestly believe it should've made a much bigger box-office splash when it premiered despite the excellent competition from "the big" horror movie that year. Now it remains a bit of a cult classic available on and from Shout Factory TV and through your finer media outlets. To paraphrase an old SNL (parody) review...I loved it! It was much better than Cats. I am going to see it again and again! :-P

P.S. If anyone else is into classic 80's video games and knows where I can find "that" cabaret Tempest, hit me up! I would love to buy it!

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