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The Barreracudas

Recommended by Duane.

Super Cool garage punk band from Atlanta. Looks like they have been around since 2009 or thereabouts. They slipped under my radar until just recently. Found them on a friend's page. They have a couple of albums and a handful of singles available. The two full length albums are "Can Do Easy" and "Nocturnal Missions".

Ultra Fun Stuff.... Picture Johnny Thunders playing with the Ramones... Or, Tom Petty meets Sloppy Seconds. Sounds wild right?...  Cool guitars, great melodies. Standout tracks are: Jerk, Shampoo, Baby Jessica. Really no clunkers to speak of. Both albums are a blast. I have no idea if they are still together? But, if you're looking for FUN, and wanna shake it late 70's Stiff records style... Check out the Barreracudas! on the album covers!

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