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Classic Rock Magazine

Recommended by Charlie.

Founded in London in 1998 Classic Rock Magazine has been championing "High Voltage Rock 'N' Roll" for over two decades.

The term "Classic Rock" around these parts may bring to mind a very narrow list of artists and playlists, but here it's a much bigger tent. The usual suspects are well represented, but are expanded upon to include prog, metal, blues, punk and sleaze. In other words you're more likely to get full articles about Rainbow and Saxon rather than Billy Joel or Boston. The Buzzcocks not Green Day. Rory Gallagher over John Mayer. Furthermore there is no expiration date on "classic" as newer bands like Rival Sons, Starcrawler, and The Struts are getting a healthy dose of coverage. The content is all about the music, with almost no pop culture nor political content unless an interviewee takes a conversation there. The writers are knowledgeable and curious and deeply care about their subject. Perhaps because of this the editor's rolodex is a veritable who's who. Legends like Jimmy Page, Brian May and Pete Townshend repeatedly answer the call to contribute exclusive interviews. Of no less value are the first hand accounts and photos of countless of lesser known figures.

Because it's shipping from Britain the price tag is a bit higher than your average magazine, but most issues blow past a hundred pages, and often include CDs, posters, calendars, etc. making it a worthwhile investment.

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