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Eddy and the Backfires

Recommended by Justin.

Everything on stage is vintage from the 50's and even the 40's: the shoes, the suits, the shirts, the guitars, the amps, even the tape delay pedals. The music is authentic american rockabilly reminiscent of Johnny Burnette or Carl Perkins. The sound is from a time machine. If you didn't know it, you would think that they were a lost act from the 50's. They sound so much like an American rockabilly band that I wouldn't be surprised to see their name on one of those posters of a theater show underneath names like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. The most amazing part of their whole story is that they hail from Germany.

Eddy and the Backfires have been playing and recording in Europe since the early 2000's. I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with them at a festival in Germany in 2005. They had a great sound and were a lot of fun to watch. Germany actually has a thriving rockabilly scene, which was why my old rockabilly band was able to tour there five times. The Germans love all types of American music. Of all the German retro bands that we played with, Eddy and the Backfires was my favorite. Check 'em out!


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