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Jaime Wyatt - Neon Cross

Recommended by Duane.

Jaime Wyatt is an American country music singer, songwriter and guitarist. She has released two albums, multiple singles and live recordings.

Neon Cross is my 2020 go to album for getting lost in the sauce and bathing in bar room bliss. This is a real deal country album that benefits from flawless production from none other than Shooter Jennings. The album never sounds contrived or overly blown…Just beautiful from start to finish.

This is 70s style soulful country with just right amount of edge to keep it from getting tired. Picture late nights, dive bars, loose lips, and liquor. (minus the mid morning regrets)

If you have a decent stereo system, Buy this….Don’t stream it, Own it….. Kill the lights and Indulge…

And as Shooter would say, “lets put the “O” back in cuntry”.

Cheers friends...

Jaime Wyatt - "L I V I N" (Audio Only)

Jaime Wyatt - Misery and Gin (Cover - Audio Only - from her first album)



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