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QSC TouchMix 16

Recommended by Tim.

For those of you that need to rehearse / record / perform and need a tool that does all of that there is the QSC TouchMix 16.

This nifty digital mixer does it all, small form factor, plenty of I/O, and great sounding. Not only can you mix live audio but with the USB A port you can either record a 2 track version of your performance or you can record a multi-track session. The touch screen capability makes it easy to get around on and its compact size means that if you can put it anywhere you need to. That being said if you want you can use a tablet to mix wirelessly and tuck the mixer out of the way anywhere its convenient.

Right now I am using the TouchMix 16 as an in ear monitor mixer which it does an excellent job at. I use the Touchmix 30 live but that’s a story for another time.


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