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The Mesa SPAX7 Guitar Amp Tube

Recommended by Duane.

Looking to get rid of hum, fizzy, raspy, unwanted distortion and add some real nice clarity, dynamics and headroom? Want a nice full sound?

Toss this bad boy in the phase inverter stage of your head or combo and listen to your amp come alive.

It’s Alive…. It’s Alive…. IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

I currently use this tube in my Marshall JMP, the Boogie Rectoverb and most recently, the Orange OR-15. What a difference it made in that head!!! It actually made quite a nice difference in the Marshall as well… It’s not going to make a crappy amp sound good, but it will make a good amp sound great… (in my opinion, as sound is subjective)….

And Yes, Hell Yes, regardless of what you may have read or heard about in the past, it certainly “DOES” effect your tone….

For a mere 20-25 bucks you can do your sound a BIG favor….

To learn more about the importance of the phase inverter… Check out the this link taken from Myles S. Rose...

From the source...


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