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Self Improvement - Achieving 38 Year Old Goals

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Recommended by Joe Dufresne

Anyone who knows me knows that I love classic video games. While the dawn of this new coin operated entertainment technology certainly pushed me towards learning "how'd they do that" back in the early 80's...specifically the software side of things. I was blissfully ignorant of the hardware. Years later, my friends in college who were studying electrical engineering taught me quickly that my brain was "wired" more for software. Hardware design and creation would remain a mystery and to this day, to some degree, still does.

Jumping at the possibility to own (and actually afford) a few classic arcade games made me realize "it's never too late" to learn something new. Some online bargain hunting and weekend day trips helped me to collect a few, healthy, but far from perfect specimens like the Asteroids Deluxe featured in this video. Without knowing what was wrong and without having literally any clue how to repair the problem I dove off the metaphorical high board into the deep end of the pool with fingers crossed.

This video directly below is proof that pushing yourself can lead to great results. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone reading this to try something new, and never give up or shy away from a personal growth experience, especially when the reward can make you, your children, and your 80's friends happy!

I won't pretend that I understand hardware design...yet...but the electrical schematics are "starting" to make a little sense. I am gradually learning more every day so that is the important thing.

P.S --- My 38 year old childhood goal of having every high score entry on a videogame has finally been achieved albeit not quite the way I had originally envisioned.


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