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Wallpaper Collection

Recommended by Joe Dufresne

Anyone who knows me knows that I do a lot of goofy things, like starting every band page recommendation with the same phrase, or taking time to write simple software to manage my desktop wallpaper collection.

My job (which thankfully pays for my incessant desire of all things musical) forces me to stare at computer screens for far more time than I care to admit. As such, any reprieve from the mundane such as having something "artsy" to appreciate while negotiating Windows becomes a creature comfort. I'm sure others can relate. A blank desktop is bloody BORING (deliberate Young Ones reference).

I also consider myself an amateurish photographer. I understand basic exposure control and post processing but I could never support myself selling my pictures to say a national magazine.

Microsoft Windows Spotlight (when enabled on your PC / sorry Mac users) and the professional photographers who provide the supplied pictures give you an ever changing feed of images from around the world displayed when you login to your machine. Furthermore, you may select whether you like the images before the login process and Windows Spotlight will attempt to provide you more of the same type of image in the future.

After some research and a bit of work I came up with a software utility which helps you collect and organize these images. It will help you easily use them as desktop wallpaper on your machine and even help collect and share them between several machines on a network.

The article is published at

The software and C# source code for the software are both free. Have a look. You may find it useful. You need to become a member of CodeProject to download anything but their membership is also free. CodeProject does NOT fill your email inbox unless you want them to, and there are thousands of interesting things you can find on the site should you choose to go exploring. Arduino projects, video game emulation, home-brew security systems, etc.

If you have questions drop me a message at CodeProject or through the contact page on this website! Cheers!


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